White-crested Coquette

The White-crested Coquette hummingbird is a canopy feeder. So, the usual way to see it, with some luck, is to crane your neck up for a glance of a tiny iridescent green and black moving target. 

In February, while in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, we happened on a tree full of fragrant pink blossoms. The tree was in a clearing, so it allowed us a good view of the many birds that were feasting on its flowers. 

Unfortunately, our usual 150 pounds of gear was of no practical use on these unpredictable and fast moving targets. However, we did manage a good enough view of the male White-crested Coquette to show a bit of his white crest and black whiskers. 

His mate, however, stuck to the top of the tree and teased us with her acrobatic upside-down flying maneuvers, but although we saw her over several days, she never came down close enough to capture a reasonably good image. 


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  • Unfortunately, We don’t know the name of that tree, perhaps another reader can help us.

    • Cindy Walpole
  • Do you know the name of that tree with the beautiful pink blossoms?

    • Erna Johnson