Standard sizes, custom orders

Images come in the standard sizes described below. All can be ordered in custom sizes to fit your needs up to a print size of 22"x30". Pricing for this is the same price as the next largest standard size. 

They can also be custom printed as the mirror image of what is in the standard artwork, so you can have the bird and any supporting elements such as  flowers, face in the opposite direction. Pricing for this is the same as the price for the original image.

Please send us a note if we can answer questions on these options.

Open edition standard sizes are:

Print only              Including a mat and/or a frame

  9x12                              16x20              

12x12                              18x18

12x16                              20x24

Limited edition standard sizes are:

15x15                              23x23

15x20                              23x28

22x22                              30x30

22x30                              30x38