Chuck Fritsch began a quest to make pleasing images many years ago standing in front of an easel with a paintbrush in his hand. It has been a long journey with lots of detours from Miss Musgrave’s kindergarten class to today. The skills from an earlier life in mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering have enhanced his mastery of the craft of photography. As digital sensors and computer programs replaced film and darkrooms, photography underwent a drastic change. Chuck became an instant expert in the “New Photography” as a natural extension of his earlier work. His expertise in lighting, color management, and software has facilitated the production of award winning fine art. 

Cindy Walpole has a rare combination of talent as an award winning fine art photographer, a master printmaker and a computer software expert. She often takes more than a thousand shots is a single session, carefully developing just one or two of these into a finished print. This involves many hours of meticulous computer work, creating an image of subtle, painterly quality.

Growing up in Costa Rica's tropical paradise, Cindy has been intimately connected to the natural world from an early age. After receiving a degree in mathematics from Hunter College in New York City, she temporarily put aside this early love while managing a trading desk at a Wall Street brokerage firm. In 1987, she resigned from this position and soon found herself in deepest Africa, camera in hand, capturing images of the wildlife that have always intrigued her. This blossomed into a passion that has taken her to the deserts of Namibia, the jungles of Costa Rica, the fragile ecosystems of Antarctica, as well as the awe inspiring beauty of the Florida Everglades.