Tracking the Desert Adapted Elephant

In Namibia, the Savannah Elephant has adapted well to the harsh conditions of the desert.

After tracking a herd in the early morning hours, we were surrounded by them while they enjoyed browsing some bushes and seemingly brushing their teeth with some specially tasty branches. 


Mom's milk is tasty and refreshing

But, on the other hand, maybe what she is eating is actually better


After a satisfying meal, it's time to return some the processed food to nature

Where in can be utilized by hornbills

and even warthogs


Although elephants are not supposed to be able to climb mountains, these did not seem to be concerned as they slowly walked to where our all terrain vehicles could not follow.



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  • Thank you, Antoinette. It is really interesting to hear from someone who lives with these gentle giants.

    • cindy
  • To see you Namibian Elephants is a treat . I have seen them digging for water under the Acacias in the dry river bed , they know that there’s water 💦 user the sand . Lovely photos Cindy

    • Antoinette Hersov