Finding the Blue-throated Goldentail

Chuck and I have been photographing hummingbirds in Costa Rica since 2009. I now personally have well over a million images of hummingbirds from this project.

One little jewel that has eluded us until now is the beautiful Blue-throated Goldentail.

While photographing the White-tipped Sicklebilled, which we described in a previous post, we heard that there was a nearby tree covered with pink blossoms and hummingbirds. 

Photographing hummingbirds without knowing their exact position is something that we were not prepared to do on this trip, so we resigned ourselves to some temping glances and an occasional perching bird. 

As luck would have it, the next stop on this trip found us on the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, where we had come in search of the endangered and endemic Mangrove Hummingbird. 

The Mangrove remained elusive, but we did manage a brief glimpse of a friendly Goldentail as a female Green-breasted Mango waited for her turn at our feeder.

Our next visit to this area is already on our calendar. 

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  • So glad to hear that you enjoy our work. Please say hello to your Mom for us.

    • chuck fritsch
  • Breathtaking!!! Thank you! I share all your posts with my 97 year old Mom. She loves them and marvels at the descriptions you provide. Your work touches many lives.

    • Nancy