A Stripe-throated Hermit story

One of our pleasures in our frequent trips to Costa Rica is meeting the friendly local people that photography places in our path.

At 3 1/2 inches long, from the tip of his bill to the tip of his tail, the Stripe-throated Hummingbird is the smallest Hermit Hummingbird in Costa Rica.

We were surprised to find him at the carefully tended hummingbird garden of  a local guide.

His gentle guidance enabled us to see a little bird that was curious and unafraid and not bothered by us or our equipment.

This tiny creature even allowed us to touch him and gently guide him to a feeder that we had strategically placed for him. 

Then, to complete our story, just recently another generous guide shared his amazing video of a courting hummingbird and agreed to let us publish it here. Our thanks to this very observant videographer, Andrés Chinchilla. 

Click here for the video of the courting Stripe-throated Hermit by Andrés Chinchilla 

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