Unexpected wildlife in Nairobi, Kenya

A short stay in Nairobi allowed us to rest from our long flights and gave us the opportunity to see baby elephants and giraffes up close and quite personal.

These endangered Rothchild's Giraffes joined us for breakfast every morning, eagerly making the short trip from their nearby sanctuary.

Most were tall enough to reach the second story window of our bedroom as they can reach a height of 19 feet. 

Treats were offered to the ones who ventured inside our lodge. A well placed treat resulted in a scratchy giraffe kiss.

This baby was not able to reach the window, but waited outside for the staff to offer special treats.

The nearby elephant sanctuary afforded another opportunity for very close encounters. Here, baby elephants who have lost their mothers to poachers are brought to be cared for until they are 5 years old and able to be carefully released into the wild. 

Good to the last drop!

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