Tiger Tales

The period before the monsoon season is the hottest time of year in Rajasthan, India. It can be 130 degrees in the shade. Every day. But is is also the driest and thus the most likely time to see Bengal tigers, as they can be found near water. 

Below is a short safari intro video.

We decided to give it a try. We were able to get close, real close, to these beautiful cats. 

Our first encounter was with three kittens attempting to stay cool and out of sight of the large males.

One of them opted for the shade of nearby trees.

Where's Mom. I'm getting hungry.

Maybe we can play a little?


Another day, we scouted the territory of a large male, knowing that we were close as we saw his tracks

Suddenly and silently a large pair of eyes were staring at me right behind our vehicle. I could have touched him. 

Thankfully he was not interested in us, but in the scent of another male tiger. 

After some sniffling and tasting of the air, he made the typical 'flaming' grimace that is familiar to cat lovers

Please come back and say hi.

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  • The tigers came so close to our open vehicle that it was actually a little scary, but well worth it.

    • cindy walpole
  • How lucky to have seen the tigers at a close distance. Is good to hear that they are in a park and protected. A great experience and Impressive pictures! Laura

    • laura
  • Thank you for sharing your blog. I LOVED the tiger pictures! This safari must have been so exciting for you! Tigers are by far, my favorite cats.

    • Mayra
  • Thanks, Karen. We’ll have lots to talk about.

    • Cindy Walpole
  • This is a resend.Fantastic pictures! Look forward to hearing details of trip.

    • KAren rIchardson