Samburu Wedding and village life videos

Village life. 

Jessaly's village consists of three homes. His parent's, his brother's and now his own. His home is two rooms: a bedroom where there is mat for him and his new wife to sleep on and a kitchen where, on the evening that this video was taken, he will meet his young wife for the first time as she cooks their first meal together. As a welcome, we were offered raw animal fat. A rare treat.  

Outside the home, well fed goats roamed in a corral built of thornbush branches. His wife, who is twelve years old, the traditional marriage age for girls, can be seen in a green and black dot cape, milking a white goat, as she readies dinner. 


We arrived on the third day of this wedding celebration. Bride and groom have already been officially married but have not yet met. That will happen this evening. The chant aims to curry the favor of Nkai, the Samburu god. The people ask for just enough rain to survive and be sure their cattle is healthy and does not have rot, a common illness. 


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