Peacocks in Paradise

June in Rajasthan, India, just before the monsoon rains, can reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit - every day. It's the best time to photograph the elusive Bengal Tigers as they need to come to watering holes. 

The exhaustion of waiting for them to show themselves to our cameras can be rewarded in many ways. One of them is to watch the peacocks display to the peahens. Their beautiful iridescent blues and greens dot the otherwise drab, parched landscape. 

The hopeful male surveys a flock of peahens as they studiously ignore him

See, I'm beautiful from the side, too!

And I can turn in the mist of this high winds and show you my back.

 Any takers?!?!

But there is hope. Some lucky ones had already paired off and could drink the cool water peacefully 

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  • I hope to get the tigers up soon. Maybe even a short video.

    • Cindy Walpole
  • Wow! Great documentation of peacock courtship! Can’t believe you braved the heat! But where are your tiger pictures????

    • Mayra Rodriguez