Kenya - Birds of Salas Camp

Yellow-throated Sandgrouse

We found this female Yellow-throated Sandgrouse very well camouflaged on the side of a dusty clay road. 



Lilac-breasted Roller

Although Lilac-breasted Rollers are fairly common, I never tire of their beautiful coloration. Some day, I hope to be able to get a good photograph of one in flight...


Batelur Eagles

This pair of Batelur Eagles foraged for carcasses from their high perch.


Secretary bird

These large birds were named when secretaries still  rested quills on their ears, 


Red-necked Spurfoot

This chicken sized bird was curious and probably looking for a handout as he came close enough to make focusing difficult.


Little Bee-eater

The Little Bee-eater is only 6 inches long. It performs an agile dance while trapping insects in midair. 



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