Coffee brewed the old fashioned way.

Our day starts at day break in the hope of catching the hummingbirds when they first awake and look for our carefully placed feeder. A hot cup of home brewed coffee is the perfect start on a chilly morning.

Coffee, brewed the old fashioned way, is excellent

A cool morning in San Gerardo de Dota

Our mountain cabin includes a small space heater and a hot shower

as well as a view of the nearby mountains.

Our host is also the owner of the general store. 

A bit down the hill, a home-cooked breakfast awaits. 

A daily ride in a diesel 1973 Toyota Land cruiser is an unexpected treat

The careful repairs include home made door hinge

The interior is spotless and in perfect working order.

Happy local music fills the air.

A wood stove blunts the edge of the morning chill.While a wood fired furnace provides hot water.

Chuck studies our gear as our breakfast is being cooked.

The location of our outdoor studio with feeders set up for our glittering guests.

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