A summer afternoon at a Ranthambore pond

Late in June, the air is heavy with the anticipation of the upcoming monsoon rains. It's 130 degrees and nearly 100% humidity. A good day to linger in the shade of a nearby pond. 

The Indian Paradise Flycatcher quickly became a favorite. I tried to capture its color and grace even as the evening light fought with my efforts

Many other avian acrobats competed for my attention. 

These are some of them:

White-breasted Waterhen


Rose-ringed Parakeet.


Red-vented Bulbul


Indian Golden Oriole


Cinnamon Bittern


Asian Pied Starling.

There were many more. I was overwhelmed.

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  • Yes!, specially considering that our main objective was to see the tigers

    • cindy walpole
  • What a great birding trip!

    • KAy